So, you have a bunch of jams, jellies and maybe even our Tiger Satay Peanut sauce… what do you do now? Well, we thought that it’d be fun to give you some recipes, particular to each of our products. This way you will be able to really take advantage of the distinct flavors in each of our condiments for your next party or event. On this page, you’ll find jelly and jam recipes that include our unique jams. Consider some party meatballs that feature our Jalapeno Pepper Jelly. Or, how about a chicken dish with our apple rum walnut conserve? Of course, you can always concoct your own dishes, but these recipes ought to give you some good places to start if you’re looking for ideas. Maybe you’re looking for good party dip recipes for your next event? We’ve taken care of that too! You can put together a curry cheese dip, featuring our cranberry chutney for a dip that’ll really blow your party guests away! Or you can pull out the pineapple pepper jelly to whip up some Jan’s Satay Sauce for a really unique blend of flavor! The possibilities are endless, and we know that you probably have ideas too. So, if you have a recipe, featuring one of our jams, jellies, sauces, oils or anything… let us know! We’d love to expand our recipes page, so shoot your recipe over to and we’ll consider putting it on the site! Enjoy these recipes and the rest of our site. Thank you for visiting! Follow us on

  • Alix's Hospitality Pineapple Pepper Delight

    Since the pineapple has long been the international symbol of hospitality, we thought you would enjoy this easy appetizer to share with your guests or take to a party!

  • Apple Rum Walnut Stuffing

    This is a great way to add savory apple flavor to your traditional bread stuffing.

  • Berry Bars

    BananaBerry is our favorite jam in this easy dessert, but any of our conserves are just as delicious. We love how it tastes with our new Badabing Cherry Marmalade. You choose your favorite, let us know what you think!

  • Chicken Curry Salad

    Take this chicken salad a step beyond the ordinary, with this version using cranberry chutney.

  • Chicken Dudley

    This is an easy main dish with only three ingredients in the sauce. Use Pineapple Pepper jelly if you want a tangy sweet/sour sauce or Jalapeno Pepper jelly if you like your sauce spicier.

  • Cream Cheese with Appetizer Jellies or Chutney

    Go for a dip! This cream cheese-based dip works well with a variety of crackers or vegetables… try both!

  • Curry Cheese Dip

    Use any of our chutneys or appetizer Jellies to make this easy party dip.

  • Fruity Yogurt Pie

    This no-bake pie is quick and delicious. It’s a great recipe that kids can make too… What a tasty way for gets to get involved in the kitchen!

  • Guiltless Chicken

    It’s hard to believe we use reduced fat ingredients in this tasty chicken dish. The combination of apples, tomatoes and cheddar cheese truly compliment the chicken.

  • Jan's Satay Sauce

    Great as a pasta sauce or a base for a boboli pizza crust, this easy satay sauce is sure to please– make extra to keep in your fridge for a quick meal. In fact we like this so much that we have made our own version of it. If you don’t like to cook try our Tiger Satay peanut sauce.

  • Marybeth's Blueberry Balsamic Sauce

    This quick and easy sauce adds a tasty twist to grilled chicken or pork tenderloin slices. Its slightly sweet flavor will balance your meal perfectly.And now it easier than ever. Try our new Blueberry Bourbon Balsamic Sauce in its own bottle.

  • Party Meatballs

    Use pre-made meatballs if you’re pressed for time to turn out this delicious and easy appetizer.

  • Roasted Garlic Canapes

    This is more of an assembly project than a recipe- And you can use any of our appetizer jellies AND pick chevre, cheddar or gorgonzola cheese. A true mix-match recipe to make according to your individual taste.

  • Spicy Smokin' Salmon

    Our Smokin’ Garlic Tomato Spread pairs perfectly with ginger, honey, and salmon to create a delicious dish that is sure to please. Plus, it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare!

  • Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps

    Hosting a party? These delicious cheese-topped appetizers will have your guests praising your culinary talents!