Burks Traditional Maple Shortbread

Burks Traditional Maple Shortbread

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Chef Whip Burks brings contemporary tastes to traditional shortbread cookies. Delicious, subtle flavors in a delightfully crisp and crumbly shortbread, all with a perfect sprinkling of crystalized sugar. Whether with tea in the afternoon or as a well-deserved, anytime treat, Chef Burks’ Traditional Scottish Shortbread will have you wondering “why it took so long for someone to make great tasting shortbread cookies that people will crave.

Our Maple Traditional Scottish Shortbread was by far our most difficult flavor to conquer. We spent a better part of a year trying to discover the best way to capture a good maple flavor.  The problem with Maple is that it really is not a flavor that is easily derived.  Maple gets its flavor from a process versus just a flavor which makes it very hard to duplicate in a flavor. We spend literally months trying to capture the right amount of flavor in our Maple shortbread.  There always seemed like something was missing.  The aroma was good from the start and the finish was there but the middle part was the hard part.   Its the middle part of the taste which proved the hardest to discern.  We finally came up with something that was acceptable and we went with it, although to be honest we probably will try to perfect that flavor going further.

I have to admit though the learning process is truly fascinating in working with a close friend and fellow chef “Matt Daignault” , his palate is over the top and I couldn’t of done this without his expertise.

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    Rated 5 out of 5


    The perfect shortbread cookie! Crumbly and perfect for an afternoon snack. Well actually anytime!

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      Glad you liked them, All the best

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