The History and Art of Making Jam

Blueberry, pineapple, banana, blackberry: delicious whole fruits combine with a few other natural ingredients to make the sweet homemade jams we have known and loved for decades. From spreading it on your favorite breads to topping your pancakes, jams stand the test of time as a classic homemade staple. Jam has a history as rich […]

The Story of Scottish Shortbread

Every sweet has its history. Most sweets are also associated with specific holidays and are gifted more frequently at different times of the year. Scottish shortbread is almost always thought of as a Christmas bread, but at Vermont Harvest, we bake this treat all year round to share with our customers. Scottish shortbread is a […]

Guilt-Free Holiday Gift Baskets

A ponderable issue that shows more prominence around the holiday season involves that of food guilt. How do we cope when we overeat, when we want to overeat? Do we even dare? If this is something that is close to your conscience, then you’re not alone. At Vermont Harvest, we know that self-indulgence is an […]

Come for the Majesty, Stay for the Maple

On the western edge of New England lies the Green Mountain State, an agriculturally bountiful beauty attracting travelers to its majestic greenery every year. Here hordes of horticulturists, muralists, and writers spend their days becoming inspired by its natural grace. Among that group are the 3,000 sugar makers in residence who have turned the Vermont […]