Whom You know recently sent out a post describing the perfect things to do with this outstanding sauce. I would venture to say these folks on this panel have tried lots of different creations and to be reviewed by them is quite the honor. Check us out soon. http:t.co/Nh5d6RfoJF/s/rudj.

Brand New sauce due to launch in just a few weeks.

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We here at Vermont Harvest are thrilled to report that our next sauce is due to launch in just a few weeks. We are just waiting on our labels to be printed and then we will be ready to launch our newest and maybe even best sauce yet. That comes with a little hesitation because…

Gluten Free: Celiac Disease

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So I am very happy to say that all except one product of mine is Gluten free. One of my favorite products which up until today was not gluten free is now gluten free. My fascination with gluten free has been ramped up because of a fellow Manufacturer Anna Sobaski, from Bread from Anna. Anna…