Burks Traditional Scottish Key Lime Shortbread


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Chef Whip Burks brings contemporary tastes to traditional shortbread cookies. Delicious, subtle flavors in a delightfully crisp and crumbly shortbread, all with a perfect sprinkling of crystalized sugar. Whether with tea in the afternoon or as a well-deserved, anytime treat, Chef Burks’ Traditional Scottish Shortbread will have you wondering “why it took so long for someone to make great tasting shortbread cookies that people will crave.

I have to admit though the learning process is truly fascinating in working with a close friend and fellow chef “Matt Daignault” , his palate is over the top and I couldn’t of done this without his expertise.

Our Key Lime Traditional Scottish Shortbread was definitely our easiest flavor to develop.  Knowing the flavor of a dessert or flavor that really can’t be messed with, made this an easy decision.  Although not one of our choices to make,  once we had gained insight from our many tasters, it was clear that it was going to make the cut.  Not a huge fan of Key Lime pie, so never in my mind would I produce a shortbread that showcased it.  How wrong was I,  as soon as i made it, wow the response was we really like the Key Lime.  I guess its the refreshing clean flavor, the lightness… actually i have no idea but it continues to be that fabulous flavor. Maybe someone could help me in describing why it is so popular. But in any case, it is what it is, a very popular flavor. Enjoy the richness and the tenderness of our shortbread. Its really hard to just eat one.

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