Brand New sauce due to launch in just a few weeks.

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We here at Vermont Harvest are thrilled to report that our next sauce is due to launch in just a few weeks. We are just waiting on our labels to be printed and then we will be ready to launch our newest and maybe even best sauce yet. That comes with a little hesitation because I do so love my other two sauces, the oh so popular Tiger Satay and the Blueberry bourbon balsamic sauce. This sauce has been made and is once again a smashing hit with its tasters. They have told me they like it on chicken, pork, shrimp, Salmon, swordfish I like it on salads, and just as an amazing dipping sauce. I even went to the local pizza place in Stowe and they combined it with there pizza sauce and made a pie with it. Yummy! So stayed tuned for the time and location of when it will be released and of course where you can find it.


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