Gluten Free: Celiac Disease

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So I am very happy to say that all except one product of mine is Gluten free. One of my favorite products which up until today was not gluten free is now gluten free. My fascination with gluten free has been ramped up because of a fellow Manufacturer Anna Sobaski, from Bread from Anna. Anna is an amazing woman who is a leading source of Gluten free initiatives. Her products are the best I have ever tasted. Anna was next to me at two recent distributor shows. She is very passionate about Celiac Disease because she has it. She challenged me to label my products as gluten free which I intend to do when my next label production comes around but also to try to eliminate gluten from all my products. Happily I have accomplished this with my Smokey Onion dip Mix. I previously used a smoke powder which was made from barley flour, but I am happy to report that I am now using a gluten free smoke powder. My next goal will be to eliminate the gluten from our Tiger Satay Peanut sauce ( we are very close to this as well). If you wish to contact Anna you can go to her website


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