Headed to Dallas Tx for summer selling show for KeHe Distributors.

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Although I am a bit nervous about this show because it is new and out in Texas, there is really nothing to worry about because our products rock. I guess I am nervous because it is such a large venue and it could really open up a can of beans. Don’t get me wrong, this is our goal, but are we ready for national distribution. Well we are on our way for sure, Found a co packer to make most of our stuff, still working out the fine details and may have to change a few labels to fit his capabilities but nothing drastic. Cash flow might get a little tight because I need to produce in higher volumes and thus have bigger inventories of all the products. With the bigger distributor they buy in Pallets…which means I can’t really continue fulfilling my own orders in the current location. Which of course means I had to find a location that could store my products and also fulfill the orders. Oh and then there is the notion of 6 packs. That is the case size. Seems like the big distributors are all switching to 6 pack versus 12 pack. So that means I need to order a box for those products so that takes a bit more out of the profit. But all in all I am ready. I told my recently acquired broker that I want to be out of the craft show circuit within a year. Or at least cut back on the ones that don’t really do us justice, but keep the ones that we have made lots of friends. So we will see. SELL, SELL, SELL! Is our motto, so that is what we shall do. Keep your fingers crossed for a very good show!


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